Monday, 23 August 2010

Blender Pt. 1

Sophie Blouse SGD 83
*material : silk*

Margiela Pants SGD 85
(navy, brown, khaki) - size: S,M

Momento Shirt SGD 70

Homme Leather Sneakers SGD 53
(silver, black, red) - size: 250-280

Jenny Wrapper Pants SGD 60
(black, beige) - size: S,M

Timer Shorts SGD 65
size: S,M

School Oxford SGD 56
(black, brown, ivory) - size: 225-250

Mirabelle Summer Wedges SGD 55
(blue, pink) size: 225-250

Ronnie Walker Wedges SGD 67
(black, light denim, dark denim) - size: 225-245

Rebecca Fringe Blouse SGD 65
(paprika orange, skin pink)

Billie Oxford Shoes SGD 60
(beige, black, coffee) - size: 230-250

Femme Homme Combat Boots SGD 90
size: 230-280

Two-tone Brogue Shoes SGD 40
(black, brown) size: 225-250

Carlie Skirt SGD 60
(indie pink, khaki) - size: S,M

Fillippa Brogues Shoes SGD 55
(grey, black, brown)
size: 230-250

Vintage Flower Bracelet SGD 35
(ivory, black)

Vintage Flower Necklace SGD 35
(ivory, black)

Draping T SGD 50
(beige, black, white)

Karlina Top SGD 68
(black, ivory, pink)

Floral Summer Dress SGD 62
(red, pink)

Two-tone Tory Burch Flats SGD 60
(navy, red) - size: 230-250

Darwin Brogues Shoes SGD 55
(black, brown, blue, camel, beige)
size: 225-250

Sexy-back Printed Dress SGD 58
(yellow, blue)

Dizon Leather 48
(black, brown, ivory, blue)
size: 225-250

Galas Wedgie Oxford SGD 38
(blue, gray) - size: 225-250

Zia Floral Top SGD 67
*available in black only*

Francie Dress SGD 63

Dorothy Vest Jacket SGD 90

Flower Festival Leggings SGD 25

Emily Romantic Dress SGD 70

Steffi Kimono Jacket SGD 75

AI Sneakers SGD 62
(white, blue) - size: 250-280

Floral Jumper SGD 65
(tropical, blueberry)

Andy Blouse SGD 62
(beige pink, black, ivory)

Martin Shirt SGD 75
(sky blue, blue, ivory, pink)

Draped Ribbon Blouse SGD 57
(white, black)

Back Floral Shirt SGD 60
(black, ivory)

Choo Bejeweled Heels SGD 75
(nude w/ mesh, nude w/o mesh, black w/ mesh)
size: 225-250

Coral Ring SGD 28
*available in black*

Bunny Blue Shoes SGD 60
(blue, pink) - size: 225-250

G.Na Dress SGD 60
(gray, navy)

Caramel Wing Top SGD 55

Hera Skirt SGD 72
(grey, black) size: S,M

Aria Ballerina Wedges SGD 45
(Beige, blue) - size: 225-250

Celine Jacket SGD 155

Megan Draped Dress SGD 55
(pink, black) Size: S,M
*can be worn from 2 sides: front and back*

Brittany Boots SGD 65
(black, blue) Size: 225-250

Milkystar Dress SGD 55
(pink, violet)

Wang Shorts SGD 57
(blue, beige) size: S,M

Rena Gold Button Vest SGD 70

Clemence Cotton Dress SGD 38
(grey, black, pink)

Alexandra Heels SGD 75
size: 225-250

Unbalanced T SGD 50
(grey, black, white)

Paisley Printed Pants SGD 62

Elina Print Skirt SGD 55
size: S,M