Friday, 11 June 2010

Summer [Part. 2]

Vintage Floral High Waist Shorts SGD 56

Floral Walker Shoes SGD 58
(black, ivory) - size: 225-250

Polkadot Vintage SHorts SGD 57
size: S,M,L

Vintage High Waist Shorts SGD 55
(black, blue) - size: S,M,L

Hiro Floral Wedges SGD 55
(black, blue, pink) - size: 230-250

Zoe Dotted Jacket SGD 75
(grey, black)

Spring Floral Wedges SGD 65
(purple, blue) - size: 225-245

Turquoise Bracelet SGD 37

Xion Military Dress SGD 88
(beige, navy)

Tribal Printed Vest SGD 60
(black, red)

Abstract Line Dress SGD 58
(black, red)

Twister Bracelet SGD 23
(blue, pink)

Sporty Rubber Shoes SGD 35
(ivory, pink, black, blue) - size: 230-250

Golden Spider Ring SGD 18

White for Ls Tee SGD 37
(grey, black, white)

Viola Floral Shorts SGD 50
(blue, yellow) - size: S,M

Zig Zag Leggings SGD 35
(white, red)

Santana Wedges SGD 62
(black, blue, brown) - size: 230-245

Xplosion Tee SGD 50

Muse Bag SGD 45

Web 'n Skull Leggings SGD 35

Terry Jacket SGD 60
(blue, sky, white, pink)

Vivienne Hat SGD 40

Gold Lace Leggings SGD 35

Trench Shirt SGD 60
(beige, grey)

Vicky Ribbon Shorts SGD 55
(pink, blue, black, ivory, floral red, floral navy)

Two tone Tights SGD 22
(pink, grey, dark green)

Black Lace Tights SGD 23
(vertical, horizontal wave, horizontal random)

Cartoon Leggings SGD 30

Color Pyramid Leggings SGD 35
(yellow, blue)

T-sandals SGD 50
(black, pink, blue) - size: 230-250

Owl Earrings SGD 20

Big Black Ribbon Headband SGD 23
(black, navy)

Andres Strapped Wedges SGD 73
(beige, black, brown) - size: 225-245

Big Mama Heels SGD 75
(black, ivory) - size: 225-245
*as seen on 2NE1*

Vintage Floral Bracelet SGD 45

Tie-Dye Leggings SGD 30

Owl Ring SGD 13

Popeye Leggings SGD 32
(ivory, grey)

Patch Leggings SGD 20

Stud Oxford Loafer SGD 52
size: 230-250

Rita Knitted Dress SGD 60
(grey, sky, black, ivory, pink)

Lace Leggings SGD 30
(black, white)

The Muse Dress SGD 55

Lace and Gradient Shirt SGD 49

Rainy Days Earrings SGD 25
*set of 4*

Raining Man Earrings Set SGD 25
*set of 4*

Roxette Floral Cardigan SGD 63

Fortuna Sandals SGD 54
(beige, black, red) - size: 230-250

Polkadot Dress SGD 65

Vintage Sweater SGD 68
(white, beige, khaki, black)

Mini Floral Shorts SGD 45
(black, pink) - size: S,M,L

Lynette Sandals SGD 55
(brown, black, ivory) - size: 230-250

Ferra Headband SGD 20
(pink, turquoise, black, navy)

Anette Kitten Heel SGD 70
(grey, black) - size: 225-250

Floral Balloon Skirt SGD 55
(white, orange) - size: S,M

Gradient Denim Shirt SGD 45

Wrapped Jacket SGD 68
(beige, sky blue)

Goldie Leggings SGD 40
(silver, gold)

Superholic Tee SGD 60
(white, grey)

Lulla Marine Dress SGD 55
(black, navy) - freesize

Brenda Cropped Top SGD 58
(black, ivory)

Long Tank Dress SGD 38
(pink, black, grey, charcoal)

Floral Leggings SGD 35
(green, purple)

Pleated White Jacket SGD 170
size: S,M

Leopard Wedges SGD 78
(beige, black) - size : 225-250

Bonjour, Paris Earrings SGD 13

Joey High Waist Shorts SGD 38
(yellow, blue, sky, pink) - size: S,M

London Jacket SGD 75
(white, pumpkin)

Fan Club Anna Wintour Tee SGD 38
(grey, white)