Thursday, 10 June 2010

Summer [Part. 1]

Stella Mesh Platform Heels SGD 75
(ivory, black) - size: 225-240

Evia Oxford Shoes SGD 60
size: 225-250

Question Ring SGD 12
(gold, silver)

Exclamation Ring SGD 12
(gold, silver)

Veronica Wedges SGD 68
(mint, pink, black) - size: 225-250

Pumpkin Tights SGD 18

Retro Baggy Pants SGD 55
size: S,M,L

Elena Wedges SGD 62
(beige, black) - size: 225-250

Sandy Hat SGD 35

Floral Pastel Sneakers SGD 40
(black, blue, pink, grey) - size: 230-250

Mocha Dot Hat SGD 35

Ethnic Suede Shoes SGD 55
(red, black, grey) - size: 230-250

Floral and Lace Blouse SGD 60
(black, blue)

Double Damage Tee SGD 45
(black, grey)

Denim Lace Sandal SGD 55
(mint, blue) - size: 230-250

Nana Tee SGD 40
(black, white, grey)

Alligator Ring SGD 15

Bonnie Headband SGD 25

Roll-up Pouch SGD 50

Hole Polkadot Leggings SGD 20
*wear with colored leggings underneath*

Ribbon Mini Pants SGD 60
size: S,M

Cropped Denim Shirt SGD 35
(blue, black)

Cut Long Sleeve Tee SGD 53
(khaki, pink)

Dyon Walker Boots SGD 56
(black, purple) - size: 225-250

Dilemma Necklace SGD 40

Stripe Ribbon Headband SGD 26

Cow Girl Studded Boots SGD 70
size: 2430-250

Stacked 4 Rings SGD 35
*set of 4*

Floral Jumpsuit SGD 58

Floral Wire Headband SGD 30
(pastel, vivid)

Diana Strapped Wedges SGD 70
(blue, violet, black) - size: 225-245

Union Jack Leggings SGD 38

Dotted See-Through Top SGD 63
(black, navy)

Boxy Messenger Bag SGD 70
(red, black, brown, ivory, carrot, pink, yellow)

Python Wedges SGD 62
(grey, beige) - size: 230-250

Marine Mini Skirt SGD 45

Dok2 Sweater SGD 75
(red, beige)

Blue Stripe minis SGD 43
size: S,M

Connie Hat SGD 40
(beige, choco)

Naya Necklace SGD 50
(gold, silver, salmon)

Summer High Waist Shorts SGD 45
(navy, black, blue) - size: S,M

Chained Leather Bracelet SGD 35
(tan, black)

Tribal Hooded Cardigan SGD 65
(black, white)

Catherine Ribbon Hat SGD 28
(plain, polkadot)

Permes Tee SGD 40
(black, white)

B&W Block Leggings SGD 38

Peek-a-boo Mouse Ring SGD 18

Black Boho Bag SGD 75

Chain Slip SGD 56

FLY rings SGD 30
(set of 3)

Chloe Shorts SGD 45
(mustard, navy, khaki)

Andie Gold Point Heels SGD 62
(blue, black, red, pink, ivory, mint, light pink)
size: 225-250

Tiger No. 1 Tee SGD 50
(grey, white) - freesize

Adrienne Wedges SGD 70
(beige, black) - size: 225-250

Bunny Scrunchies SGD 25

Pamela Jacket SGD 78
(Salmon, Green, Black)

Black Cats Ring SGD 10

Rava Snake Skin Sandal SGD 60
(blue, green) - size: 225-250

Carolina Hat SGD 30
(beige, choco)

B&W abstract Leggings SGD 30

Snow Flake Ring SGD 15

Polkadot Minis SGD 53
(navy, beige) - size: S,M

Bunny Headband SGD 35
*with wire*

Broken Wing Ring SGD 35

Bunny Ring SGD 18

Linen Jacket SGD 98
(white, blue, orange) - size: S,M

Chiffon Shirt SGD 55
(violet, pink, white)

Aneka Mesh Sandal SGD 65
(black, beige) - size: 225-250

Neon Zebra Legging SGD 35

Apple Ring SGD 13

Kaila Cardigan SGD 57

Boxy Jacket SGD 85

Floral Flare Skirt SGD 38
(blue rose, red rose, all

Ariel Chiffon Dress SGD 53
(black, beige)

Belalo Sandal SGD 60
(red, white, black) - size: 230-250


julietgabrielle said...

Hi, pls send me invoice for the peek a boo mouse ring thx.

Sarah said...

are there pockets on the Tribal Hooded Cardigan?

mnrygc said...

have you still got Pamela Jacket SGD 78?

eeling kam said...

hi do you still sell belalo sandals?

Umm Sofiyyah said...

Hi, u still selling the floral pastel sneakers? And can I know what is the material used? Is it canvas?

Anonymous said...

hi, i have the exact question with Umm Sofiyyah can you help me ?

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