Monday, 22 June 2009

Armed in arm.

White gold rice bracelet SGD 30

Vintage stacked thin bangles SGD 23

Vintage flower bracelet SGD 30

Toy bracelet square SGD 16
(ivory, yellow, pink, violet)

Toy bracelet ovalsquare SGD 16
(green, yellow, pink, violet)

Toy bracelet long SGD 16
(black+white, yellow, pink)

Timeless necklace SGD 30
(black, white)

Pastel ovals stone bracelet SGD 35
(salmon, sky, white-gold, white-silver)

Snakeskin chain leather bracelet SGD 40
(sky, black)

Skin leather bracelet SGD 30
(pink, lime)

Golden vintage bracelet SGD 28
(red, black)

Pussycat necklace SGD 25

Pastel stones square bracelet SGD 35
(gold, silver)

Golden drop necklace SGD 25

Gold ethnic family bangle
1. plain gold SGD 12
2. panelled thin bangle SGD 18
3. bamboo white SGD 20
4. diamond SGD 23
5. golden leaves SGD 23
6. panelled thick bangle SGD 30
7. antique gold SGD 18

2-n-1 bracelet (set) SGD 48
*each SGD 25*

B/W bracelet SGD 30

Wine mini frame bangle (set) SGD 55

Green thin pieces bangle (set) SGD 35

Mosaic bangle (set) SGD 56
(wine, green)

Gold mini frame bangle (set) SGD 30

Elephant bangle (set) SGD 55

Short layered pearl necklace SGD 28

Long pearl necklace SGD 30

Lemonade ring SGD 20
(grey, green, ivory)

Leather tassel necklace SGD 78

Thin golden rectangle (set) SGD 35

Golden balls pearls SGD 25

Turquoise stone leaf necklace SGD 47
*can be worn as bracelet*

Peach stone leaf necklace SGD 47
*can be worn as bracelet*

Peachy pearl+laces necklace SGD 30

Pearly lace necklace SGD 27

Golden braid bracelet SGD 38

Cross+Coins chain necklace SGD 43

Gemstone statement necklace SGD 55

Big stone ring SGD 30

Cross chain necklace SGD 30

3 way bracelet SGD 45

String bracelet SGD 40

Snakeskin leather bangle SGD 48

Pin-tuck bracelet SGD 45
(light grey, dark grey, black)

Stone leather bracelet SGD 55
(black, pink)

Cubic leather bracelet SGD 50
(gold, white)

Black metal bracelet SGD 33

*how you wear your bracelet*

Black ribbon key charm bracelet SGD 25 *How to wear it*

Chain bracelet SGD 27
(gold, silver)
*How to wear it*

Black ribbon charm bracelet SGD 27
(gold, silver)

Chained ball, ring, silver horse charm bracelet SGD 27
(gold, silver)

Indie stacked bangle SGD 33
(brown, black, green)

Teardrop stone bracelet SGD 35
(ivory, turquoise)

Pink stones bracelet SGD 35

Salmon pearl charm bracelet SGD 35
XOXO bracelet SGD 28
(black, white)

Pearl bracelet SGD 25
(white, brown)

Heart bangle (set) SGD 35

Chain ribbon bracelet SGD 35
(pink, yellow, red, beige)

Green yellow stone bracelet SGD 20

Stone age bracelet SGD 40
(white, blue)

Romantic goth bracelet SGD 45
(onyx, rainbow)

Chain reaction necklace SGD 35

Black balls charm bracelet SGD 28

Alphabeads bracelet (set of 4) SGD 28

Panelling bangle SGD 25
(black, white, grey)

Ball chain necklace SGD 30
(gold, silver)


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