Thursday, 26 November 2009

Cool Kids

Lace Back T SGD 52
(white, black) - one size fits all

Legging Pants SGD 50
(grey, black) - size: S,M,L

Suede Acne Wedges SGD 78
(black, red, navy) - size: 225~250

Tyde Sweater SGD 60
(black, grey)

2 color sweater SGD 65
(black-grey, mint-brown)

Leather pants leggings SGD 50
(black, grey)

Sequins Leggings SGD 50

Shiny Color Leggings SGD 35 (black, candy red, purple, orange, cyan, lime)

Galactico mini skirt SGD 67
*please ask for measurements*

D&G platform heels SGD 63
(black, purple, red) - size: 225~250

Zipper Mini Wedges
SGD 65
(grey, blue, black) - size: 225~250

Suede Flats SGD 63 (beige, blue grey) - size: 225~250

Dice Leggings SGD 60

Tiger T SGD 60 (ivory, black) - one size fits all

Silence & Noise Leggings SGD 62

In the Navy Jacket SGD 58 (black, navy) - size: 55,66 (S,M)

Strapped Buckled Wedges SGD 65 (black, red, grey) - size: 225~250

Miss Tiger T SGD 48 (black, charcoal, grey) - one size fits all

Variegated striped tights SGD 72

Pullover T SGD 80
(grey, black) - one size fits all (wear oversized)

Wedges Shoes SGD 70 (black, grey, red) - size : 225~250

Arty Monochrome Sweatshirt SGD 62 one size fits all (wear oversized)

Black Zipper mini SGD 60
size: S,M,L

Buckled Wedges SGD 75
(black, grey) - size: 225~250

Black rider mini SGD 65 size: S,M,L

Vintage Tie-dye Leggings SGD 83

Flapped collar Coat SGD 115
(red, grey, beige)

Geo Leggings SGD 83

Leopard Leggings SGD 65
(grey, brown)
*please ask for measurements*

Conical Heels SGD 63
(pink, purple, black) - size: 225~250

Burnout Leggings SGD 63

Floral Dress SGD 55
(black, purple)

Colorblocked Leggings SGD 75
(grey, pink, blue)

Pastel Footless Tights SGD 68

Disco Sweater SGD 60

Color print sweater SGD 70 (black, white)

(black, white) - one size fits all


Yvonne said...

i just searched for wedged heals and your blog came up, but anyways. where have you got your wedged heals? because they are awesome!

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